Keeping Your Systems Running, no matter what.  We design & install UPS systems for businesses with critical IT equipment, and for offices, stores, and manufacturing companies.  Your livelihood is protected in the event of power outages or surges.   

N.V. White Ltd has over 50 Years of experience Installing UPS 
Uninterruptible power supplies are an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the mains power supply fails I.E. power cuts or faults. UPS systems are a way of keeping or protecting critical circuits whilst the mains power is not working. They also can work when the mains power surges over voltage levels, the UPS has a series of batteries within it. The DC batteries convert into AC power to run the connected equipment. 
Uninterrupted power supply by nv white limited
There are three main types of UPS systems static, dynamic & hybrid. These UPS systems are defined by how power moves through the unit. For more information on the types of the UPS systems check out our blog. 
What's The Difference Between UPS and Generators?  
Generators are used as a temporary power source that can be kept operational during a power outage (power cut). Generators take time to get running up to speed, whereas UPS systems provide a backup power supply that keeps the equipment running with no interruptions during a power outage & it protects systems against surges. 
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