N.V. White Ltd offers a broad range of structured cabling installation services 

We Have Over 40 Years Experience! 
Structured cabling installation by NV White
When designing a structured cabling system there are many allowances that need to be made & with having over 40 years experience we can provide you with a solution that will suit your needs but also give you the best performance. The allowances needed would range from containment space for the new cabling system to does it require a UPS/ generator system to support the structured cabling system. We can guide you through this process by asking a few questions to enable us how to design the system. 
Fun fact:  
When the very first computers were built, we installed the structured cabling to the building for commercial union, we are very proud of this & since then we have provided thousands of buildings structured cabling with high standards, giving us a brilliant & wide knowledge of structured cabling systems. 
So What Is Structured Cabling?  
Structured cabling is the design & installation of a cabling system that supports multiple hardware. Structured cabling design & installation is governed by a set of standards that specify wiring in data centres, offices, flats, buildings for data & voice communications. The types of cabling used are called category 5 (cat5E), category 6 (cat6) & fibre optic. 
Solutions To Fit Your Needs 
The difference between category 5, category 6 & fibre optic cabling may seem not that different to the ordinary person but there is a big difference not only in performance & cost. Category 5 cable is a twisted pair cable that can run speeds of data down the cable up to 100MHz. Category 6 cable is similar to category 5 but requires to meet more stringent standards for cross talk & system noise than cat5 / cat 5E. The category 6 cable can run speeds of up to 250MHz & is becoming the common cabling system to install nowadays. Fibre optic cabling is similar to electrical cable but instead of having copper it contains one or more optical fibres that are used to carry light. Fibre optic cabling is much faster than cat 5, cat 5E & cat6 cabling due to the optical fibres allowing light to travel at high speeds down the cable. Fibre optic cabling has to be taken with care due to the light travel. The cable can perform in the terabytes per second area whereas the cat5,cat5E & cat6 cable can only perform up to the megabytes. So the best performance would be the fibre optic cabling system but it is not necessarily the cheapest option so over the years we have found the Category 6 cabling system is the best performance & right market value for most customers, unless they have a special requirement then we would suggest a different solution. 
Structured cabling installation by N V White
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