N.V. White Ltd offers a broad range of power installation services 


Socket Outlets  Fused Connection Units (spurs)  Commando Socket Outlets   

Isolators  Motors/ Pumps  Customer Consumer Units 

Distribution Boards  Cooker Switches  Bathroom Shaver Socket Outlets 

Electrical socket installation
Socket outlets are the most common service that customers require having installed out of the power services. We work closely with a many variety of manufactures & can provide any type of socket outlet you require. If you wish to have a specific colour, brand or require a more specialist type of socket outlet we can help you get what you require. Socket outlets have developed with the ever changing to smart world & you can get certain brands that you can control via an app or even have 2 x USB outlets on the socket so you can plug in your phones, tablets or anything that requires a USB to charge. 
Multiple electrical socket installation
The fused connection units (spurs) are used for loads that are permanently connected but you can isolate the supply if you need to. Mainly used for fan coil units, electric heaters, pumps, water heaters & door entry system. They have a small fuse within the fused connection unit which acts as a safety barrier for the load in case something goes wrong with the circuit/ load. Providing fused connection units predominantly in commercial & industrial buildings is something we are very experienced with, being able to assist our customers from their idea to installing the end product. 
Commercial power installation
Commando socket outlets & isolators are types of commercial/ industrial grade connection point. They normally go hand in hand isolator before then commando socket outlet after. The idea being for maintenance to be able to isolate the supply to the commando to be able to work on but without having to go to the distribution board. Normally these are installed for purposes of industrial kitchens, 3 phase ramps/ garage equipment & IT computer rooms. 
Customer consumer units (CCU) is an equivalent to a distribution board, both mean the same but CCU is domestic & DB is commercial/ industrial. These are crucial equipment that need to be looked after/ kept up to date, they power each circuit going out to the property & control/ protect the circuits also. We work closely with all the major manufactures in the industry to bring a sleek & stylish system to your property. Customers sometimes neglect these & do not have them regularly maintained causing electrical faults or even worse sometimes fires. We can provide easy & great prices for maintenance to your properties keeping your systems safe & up to date with the latest regulations. 
Electrical power installation
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