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We can design & install mains & sub main distribution systems for you at competitive prices. Giving you peace of mind that your electrical system in the building or property is future proofed & as energy efficient as possible with the latest technology on the market. Providing training to your operatives that would use the equipment is also something we would provide so they know how to use & manage the systems. 
Mains and sub mains distribution board by nvwhite
Mains or sub mains distribution is mainly within the commercial & industrial buildings but at domestic properties they are called consumer units or the old term is fuse box

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Mains and sub mains installation by nvwhite
The main point out to all the electrical circuits is crucial to be kept up to date & in good condition so that no electrical faults or worse fires occur. In our opinion it is the most important part of your electrical system in the building & a lot of the time left by people because it is only ever seen by electricians or when a power cut occurs people go to it then. Working alongside major manufacturers of distribution like Schneider or Eaton enables us to provide a wide range of great products so you are kept up to date with your distribution boards. 
Electrical distribution, fuse box set up by nvwhite
Some buildings have main electrical intake rooms or switch rooms & these require a lot more design which we can provide & can be connected up to the BMS (building management system) so you or the maintenance can monitor remotely. Saving you time & money along with space as older main distribution systems were built with bulky metal work & required a lot more space to use for equipment. But with the newer main distribution systems they are compact & smaller giving you space in your electrical intake rooms. 
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