We've Got Your Back   For businesses in need of a safety net so they don't lose time, data, or money, a generator is a perfect solution.    

Are you looking to have a generator backup installed for your critical circuits?  
Many large commercial buildings require these to ensure when a power cut occurs the critical circuits do not lose power. Majority of customers have them for data cabinets, ethernet switches & comms rooms but also put other important circuits on the generator. This is so when the power cut occurs the generator automatically would start up & keep the data infrastructure running without having to reset or bring any IT contractors in to sort once the mains power came back on. 
Generators are normally installed with an uninterrupted power supply also because one downside to generators is when the power cut occurs there is a delay in getting the generator up & running. Like putting the kettle on, it takes several minutes to get to boiling point but with the use of a UPS this would cover the delay while the generator got up to speed. 
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