We Provide Domestic and Commercial EV Solutions  

N.V. White Ltd is a government approved installer of Electric vehicle charging stations.  
If you are buying a new electric vehicle we can provide (currently £350 off each charging point installed), we fill all the paperwork out & the grant scheme from the government goes through us so you have nothing to worry about, just reep the benefits. 
If you are considering, in the stages of buying a new electric vehicle or already own an electric vehicle but require a charging point being installed at your home, work or anywhere contact us today for a free quotation. 
The world is becoming more & more energy efficient, petrol & diesel vehicles are going to stop being made in 2030 (recent announcement from the UK government). Electric vehicles are having a massive progression & the call for infrastructure to handle everyone having an electric vehicle is well underway already. There are charging points on the sides of the roads in certain areas & many shopping centres, shopping markets & commercial areas already have them in place also for the general public to use (at a cost). This will work well for topping up your car’s battery level whilst out & about but for long term charging/ when at home you will require a charging point to plug in your vehicle. We are government approved installers for Rolec, Schneider & chargemaster brand charging points for domestic & commercial areas. 
We Can Help You Choose!  
Depending on the charging point you have installed can depend on how long it takes to get your vehicle to 80% charge (full charge). There are several makes, styles & power usage charging points on the market. Choosing can be daunting & making the correct decision sometimes impossible, luckily with a visit from us we can run through with you the options & provide recommended charging points for your requirements. 
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