N.V. White Can Provide Security Systems for Your Home or Business  

Want some peace of mind in your life? Then CCTV systems are one of the best solutions to have in your property or building to ensure security. CCTV systems are a series of high quality cameras connected to a device that can record footage from the cameras, be seen from phones or tablets anywhere in the world & sometimes be linked to a company that can remotely monitor. 
We have provided CCTV systems from as simple as 1 camera & DVR device at a home, to a commercial building with 50 cameras installed & remote monitoring from several different office buildings that are owned by that client. CCTV systems are essential in commercial/ industrial buildings to keep safe & under control without having to worry. 
CCTV by NV WHITE limited

      60% of burglars avoid targets with video surveillance. 

Industrial unit CCTV installation by NV White limited
CCTV systems are a useful way of capturing, deterring & monitoring areas without having to be in the area yourself. Cameras can be set up to have heat & motion detection, facial recognition & alarms to make your areas safer & protected. The DVR devices can record to whatever you desire it to from 24/7 or just one minute of footage. Depending on what DVR device you choose will depend on how much storage of recordings you can have, we can help tayler your CCTV system to what you require so you have the correct set up. 
Depending on your requirements there are several types of cameras to choose from. Mega pixels, sound, heat detection, motion detection, face recognition, spotlights, Infrared & police style flashing lights are different types you can have within the cameras. If you are still unsure on what you require we can provide a free site visit & go through what you are after securing at your property/ building. 

   Protect What Matters To You   

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