Services Offered by N.V. White Ltd, Electrical Contractors  

At N.V.White Ltd we offer specialist services with a high grade finish. 
We have been dedicated to producing excellent work in all different sectors of the industry over the years. We can provide services such as: 

Authorised installer of electric vehicle charging stations  Read More 


We can provide all kinds of power installations from a simple socket outlet to a low voltage switchboard. We have been carrying out power installations since we began in 1964. If you are unsure on what exactly you require then one of our engineers will be happy to help & assist. 
A Short list of power installation works a listed below: 
Socket Outlets 
Fused Connection Units (Spurs) 
Commando Socket Outlets 
Cooker Switches 
Bathroom Shaver Socket Outlets 
Customer Consumer Units 
Motors/ Pumps 


We are able to provide a comprehensive service for the design and installation of all lighting requirements and we work very closely with manufacturers to ensure safe, quality materials are used for lighting installations. This also ensures that the customer is made aware of the latest technology, energy saving, lighting and switching which is now available on the market. We can offer comprehensive information and advice on the new Lighting Directives, with special detail to PC areas to ensure they comply with the latest standards. We offer Emergency Lighting designs to comply with the latest regulations and have several manufacturers lighting databases which enables us to offer you computer aided lighting design with alternatives. 

Structured Network  

N.V. White Limited have over 50 years' experience in the data marketplace, and we are specialists in installing structured data cabling systems. 
We offer everything from design of the cabling routes, down to the full testing on all category of systems, and finally as fitted drawings on completion. Also we can offer Fibre Optic cabling installations. 
We can offer warranted systems if required. 

CCTV systems 

CCTV systems are very important for our clients, in order to keep their buildings secure. We can design a system for your needs that covers everything, from monitoring systems to security cameras complete with sound. 

Fire systems 

We can provide simple fire alarm systems from a basic house install all the way up to high rise building fire alarm systems that are intergrated to access control systems & BMS. Fire alarm systems are life saving systems & in our eyes the most important part of a building. Keeping fire alarm system's up to date & within the wiring regulations is a major issue we see with some customers & we can provide servicing & constant advice on the fire alarm systems where this does not become an issue to customers. 

Lightning surge protection 

Lightning surge protection is sometimes overlooked, but it is a crucial element to have on a building. When lightning occurs it can take out the entire building's electrical system. We can offer great designs so that the protection you need doesn’t ruin the look of the building. 

Mains Distribution/ sub mains 

This is a very common request because over time, regulations change and people require upgrades to comply with these regulations. We are very experienced in the installation of mains and sub mains distribution. We can offer well designed installation, whether you require a whole new mains install or just an upgrade. 

Public address systems 

We can provide a variety of methods to achieve the system you require. Whether it’s a simple PA system that addresses a limited area, or a more complicated system that involves a PA system over a multi-story building, complete with integrated emergency voice evacuation system. 

Emergency lighting 

Emergency lighting is a key requirement for buildings as it provides light in the event of a power failure. Our emergency lighting designs will allow the client to be able to leave the building safely. We provide emergency lighting for the majority of our existing clients as this is a regulation in buildings.  
We offer great designs that can incorporate new lighting requirements with emergency lighting within the light, so there is no extra light fittings required. This enables us to reduce costs for our clients. 

Power factor correction 

We offer power factor correction for 2 main reasons; to keep the load on the supply balanced, and to make it more energy efficient. We can do this by measuring the building's supply, and seeing what load the building is using, and then look where we can balance loads on circuits. That in turn will lower the energy. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

We can offer the latest technology when it comes to Electric Vehicle Charging stations. We are authorised installers of Rolec, Chargemaster & Schneider electric . We can also get government grants for new installations keeping the cost down for our clients. We can provide simple charging stations at your home all the way through to fast charging units at motorway service stations. With technology moving forward every day we like to make sure our clients receive the most up to date technology from the charging stations. 

AV installations 

Our AV installations include the newest devices and gadgets available, meaning that we can provide and install first class Audio systems. 

Aerial systems 

Aerial systems are becoming more increasingly popular as technology grows. We can provide you with a complete new design to meet your requirements, or an upgrade of your existing system to provide you with the latest equipment and provide you with the best reception possible. 


We have provided support for several clients that have requested generators, and we have designed and installed several systems so that in the event of a power failure the generators keep the systems up and running for a certain amount of time. This prevents the client's building losing power completely. 
We can also offer UPS support (uninterruptible power supply) along with the generator installation to complement the systems. 


We offer testing and certification with any work we carry out, to ensure we comply with regulations, and to make sure all our work has been carried out correctly. 
We can also offer PAT testing (portable appliance testing) if you require any equipment that is in need of this. 
We make sure all our operatives our fully qualified electrical installers and every year we are inspected by the NICEIC to make sure we are following procedures and keeping to the regulations. 
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