Mains / Sub mains Installation Project by N.V. White Ltd  

Electrical main intakes for commercial buildings are often left & forgotten about because they are in the depths of the buildings where no one goes. But they are the most important part of the building in terms of electrically, Not keeping them maintained can cause major issues further down the line. Most of our clients have either us or a maintenance team every year go around the main & sub main distribution systems to tighten bolts, inspect & fix any issues so that it avoids any major disruption to the daily life of the building. 
As time goes on better & newer equipment was developed, this main intake room was over 30 years old & in its day was probably a great system but there was only one way of seeing what electricity was being used & that was by the main meter. With the new main intake panel we worked alongside a company that developed new equipment that fitted in the same space as the old panels because it was not possible to remove the old panels due the size of the room. They developed & re designed the paneling equipment so that it complied with the latest regulations & by doing so made working on the equipment a lot safer with no live parts exposed. The old system was very tight & dangerous to work on & realistically you could only work on the system unless the whole building was shut down before working on. The new system now enables the maintenance team to work on it without any issues & without shutting down the building meaning no complications or down time to the people within the building. 
The main intake also received the latest circuit breakers to protect the outgoing circuits to the building, which helps protect the building & people. The project was carried out in stages, 3 weekend shifts where each weekend the building lost power so that we could install the panels & equipment. The client was satisfied with how smooth the project ran & did not receive any complaints, as we worked together closely with the various teams on site beforehand to communicate so staff knew that the particular works were going to take place & avoid working in at them times. 
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