N.V.White Electric Vehicle Charging Points 

Unsure about where to charge your new electric vehicle, Get a smart charger installed by one of Surrey's Top OLEV registered EV point installer so that every day you wake up to a full charge. Contact us for a free no obligation survey so we can match the right charger for your needs.  
The electric vehicle industry has taken huge steps forward in recent years, which has included significant advancements in battery technology. 
With a new generation of fully electric vehicles now offering a greater electric driving range, the original phobia of “range anxiety” is now becoming a thing of the past. 
When you combine the advancements in battery technology with the continued deployment and expansion of the UK’s charging infrastructure, the tipping point of EVs becoming mainstream is definitely on the horizon. 
With manufacturers continuing to invest heavily in EVs and battery technology the latest full electric vehicles are promising to deliver anything up to a 400 mile range, which can be charged in a fraction of the time using the new generation of UltraFast chargers – some of which have the capacity to charge at up to 350kW & some EV chargers can get to full capacity within 20 minutes.  
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"Phil & the team gave us confidence throughout the whole process from start to finish. Their attention to detail, quality of work & good humour really made us feel in good hands, would recommend."   Chris Norman, KGN Pillinger 

Choosing the right charging point is key as every Person, Vehicle, Location & Brand are different. We have created a simple step by step guide that you can follow on how to choose the right charging point. In this blog we will show you everything you need to know for choosing the right charging point for you.  
On a recent survey we conducted most people's concerns were that charging points were ugly boxes on the front of lovely looking houses & that they did not want one because of this reason. At N.V.White Limited we try to accommodate all considerations that our clients have. We can go through all the options in detail & provide several options so that you can have the solution that best suits you.  
Did you know some brands can put your company logo on the charging unit, making your charging points unique so your employee's & visitors know which ones to use.  

What Brand should i get? 

Currently the industry standard charging point outputs are 7.3Kw, 11Kw, 22Kw & higher options. When choosing what size charging point to have there are a few key factors to take into account. 
Size of incoming supply to building 
Do you have renewable sources on the building 
Internet connection (WIFI) where charger wants to be installed 
Spare capacity on existing electrical supply 
Suitable fixings for where the charger wants to be installed 
Battery size on vehicle you want to charge 

We Make Deciding Easy For You !!! 

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