New regulations came into force on 1st June 2020, they apply to all new tenancies & existing tenancies will be required from 1st April 2021. Landlords are & will be now required to obtain an electrical installation condition report (EICR) for all fixed electrical equipment in properties for rent. 

  Fixed electrical equipment include:  - Consumer units (Fuse boxes) - Wiring - Socket outlets - Light fittings - Any permanently connected equipment, that may include extractors and/or showers. (Fixed electrical parts must be up to the standards set by the 18th Edition of wiring regulations) 

FAQs for Landlords: 
Q. Why do I need an EICR? 
A. To keep your tenants safe from danger, new rules enforce that landlords get all fixed electrical equipment in their properties tested. 
Q. How often do I need an EICR? 
A. Electrical equipment needs to be tested every 5 years. 
Q. What is the EICR testing? 
A. Electrical equipment will be tested to make sure it is not overloaded, that there is no risk of electric shock or fire hazards. The tests will determine if there is any faulty or defective wiring in the property and to make sure that there is no lack of earthing of wiring. 
Q. Who can I get to do an EICR test on my properties? 
A. At NVWhite Ltd our team of specialists has the certifications and qualifications to perform a thorough EICR for all your private properties. Click here to complete the form for EICR testing enquiries. 
Q. How can I find a certified and qualified professional to perform an EICR? 
A. NVWhite Ltd has the credentials and qualifications to perform EICR tests for private rented sector landlords. You can find a full list of our accreditations here  
Additionally, you can verify our credentials by searching for our company at this website 
Q. What will the report show me? 
A. If works/ repairs are needed the report will show one or more of the following codes: 
Code 1: Danger is present and there is a risk of injury. Repairs should be performed immediately. 
Code 2: There is possible danger and further investigation is required, there should be no delay in attending to these repairs. 
Code 3: Improvements are highly recommended but not necessary at the present moment. 
Q. Does the test include other appliances like the fridge or cooker etc? 
A. No, the test is for fixed electrical parts listed above. Landlords must do portable appliance testing (PAT) on any appliances they provide and tenants are fully responsible for testing the safety of their own appliances and electrical equipment. At N.V.White Ltd we do also provide Portable appliance testing as a service. 
Q. What happens if I get the EICR test back and there are problems that need to be fixed? 
A. All repairs and works must be completed within 28 days of receiving the EICR report. You should be supplied with a written confirmation of the repairs carried out by the Electrical company and provide it to the local authority and tenant within 28 days of completion. 
Q. Do I need to supply copies of the EICR to anyone? 
A. Yes, you should retain a copy for the next testing inspector in 5 years time, a copy must go to the tenant within 28 days or before they occupy the premises, and the local authorities must be supplied within 7 days of request. 
Q. What happens if I do not get my properties an EICR by 1st April 2021? 
A. You could potentially face paying a fine of up to £30,000. As a landlord you are expected to provide your tenants with safe electrical equipment and wiring. 
Q. Where can I get more information about these new rules and regulations? 
A. Click here to read more about EICR regulations from the government. 
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